Thursday, February 24, 2005

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Erica, seven months pregnant with her first baby, climbs from her old Caravan and looks at the expensively set Women's Spa she had just parked in front of.

The Hispanic beauty is hott latino girls today because her mother insisted that she needed to have a day for herself before the baby came. Since her boyfriend had left her for his sister sick bastard her mother had told her nude latinos pussy this would be one of the few days that she would pictures of latinas for herself for the next eighteen years and that she should enjoy the benefits of a spa treatment.

She enters the tall building and looks around, trying latino teens sexy find out where she latino topless women go.


She looks around at the mention of her name to find a black woman filling out an employee's uniform latino women birthrates among teenagers at her.


"Hi. Welcome to the Women's Spa of Calumet. I'm Gina. bif ass latina mother, one of our regular customers, told sexy ass latinas you would be coming."

"I...I don't have much money with me..."

"No need. Your mother has already pre-paid for a full day's course. And Latino Girls I guarantee that you will definitely love it!"
free naked latina women that, the woman slips her arm around Erica's ample waist and leads her to a hotel room on the third floor.

"There are some clothing for you to wear in the bedroom. Go ahead and relax for a couple latina women non-nude hours. If you get hungry, just dial 8-9 to have room service sent. Everything is paid for, latina tgp so order whatever you want. At 6 o' clock, someone will come for you and take you to the specialized spa for step one of your treatment."
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"How long do I stay here?"

"About 24 hours. When you are not in one of your steps, you will be here. Feel free to watch TV, nap, eat, whatever it is you want to do. This is YOUR day. Enjoy."

With that, the employee steps out of the room looking latinos leaves a bemused Erica to look around, wondering how her mother could afford this.

The whole room is an latino sex babes lavender/pink color. Even the furniture and the carpet echo the color treatment. At the center of the room is a 45" TV with VCR and DVD's on top of it. Next to it is a shelf full of videos and videodiscs with a combined theme of eroticism.

The bedroom has a queen-sized four-poster bed layered in purple comforters and alexis from 8th street latinas A huge sound system is next latina tgp the bed. In its case are CD's by Prince, Barry White, and other sensual artists.

On the bed is a silky see-through robe, apparently for her to put on. Normally Erica is a shy person, but in such an erotic surrounding she quickly strips off her maternity wear and stands in the nude. She walks over to a wall-mounted mirror latina tgp and stands there admiring herself.

Her pregnancy has enhanced even more the exotic beauty she has naturally from being of Hispanic descent.

Her breasts, full to begin with, have grown immensely. Veins have latina cheerleader to become visible just below the skin, but to everyone who's seen them, they are beauty marks. She lightly traces one vein from the top of her breast to her chocolate-colored areola. The dark flesh has grown to almost cover the entire front of her boobs. And in the middle of the latina film female ovals are long, constantly hard nipples. She lightly squeezes one and experiences a cool shiver that travels up and down her spine. Veins have begun to become visible just below the skin, but to everyone who's seen them, they are beauty marks. She lightly traces one vein from the top of her breast to on-line latina nude chat chocolate-colored areola. The dark flesh has grown to almost cover the entire front of her boobs. And in the middle of the dark ovals are long, constantly hard nipples. She lightly squeezes one and experiences a cool shiver that travels up and down her spine. Veins have begun to become visible just below the skin, but to everyone who's seen them, they are beauty marks. She lightly traces one vein from the top of her breast to her chocolate-colored areola. The dark flesh has grown to almost cover the entire front of her boobs. And in the middle of the dark ovals are long, constantly-hard nipples. She lightly squeezes one and experiences a cool shiver that travels up and down her spine. The pleasure briefly causes her eyes to shut.

Since her asshole of a boyfriend had left her she had been neglected from lack of physical contact. Being pregnant just made it worse, as her entire body is latina teen bbs at certain times of the day. Just this morning Erica had awoken to discover her pussy plump and fully lubricated with cream. The bed underneath her had been near saturated. And her nipples had been so hard that they hurt.

Opening her eyes again Erica continues to admire her body. Her stomach, once dancer tight, now stretches out nearly 20 times it use to be. She strokes her tight soft skin and traces a line that starts just below her breasts to her pushed-out bellybutton. The dark line continues past until it latin women free big latina at the top of her latins girls pics pussy.

For a while she stands there, rubbing her stomach, before going to the bed and slipping underneath the pleasantly cool covers. Somehow the room senses this, for the lights dim to a third on their brightness, the living room and bedroom windows are blinded, and the sound system whirs on with a Prince love song being played at a whisper volume.

Just before she drifts off to sleep, a light pleasing smell wafts under her nose. The smell is sweet, like citrus fruit.

"Must be...aroma...therapy," she thinks as sleep finally overcomes her.

She is awoken to hours later by a gentle shake on her shoulder. She nude latin teen pic becomes aware of her surroundings and looks up to see a male latina tgp employee standing there nearly at attention with a smile on his face. She checks the man out as her mind awakens 6'2" red hair wiry but built green eyes and a nudes latinos girls of freckles that makes him look younger than he probably hot miami latinas beach bikini Realizing that she is still naked under the covers Erica hugs the m closer to her body self-consciously.

"Good afternoon, Erica," he says with a slight southern accent. "I am Robert, and I'll be your spa technician for today."

"Spa technician?"

"Everyone here today has a spa technician. Our job is to guide you latina teen screaming riding cock all the steps and provide you with any answer or service you may require while you are with us."

"Um...okay. What are we doing now?"

Robert brings out a PDA and scans the small screen for a moment.

"It is now just after noon, so we are going to head to the steamroom. If you best latina porn star big large breasts please don this robe, we will be on our way."

Erica takes the robe and pauses, waiting cheap latin porn the kid couldn't be more than 19 to turn around. He notices her discomfort and gives her a pleasant grin.

"Don't worry, Erica. There is nothing we haven't seen yet. And this spa is for women only, so when we leave the room the only men you will see are employees."

Still uncertain, Erica slowly slides the covers from her body and takes the robe while staring at the kid's eyes. To his credit Robert's eyes never leaves hers. When she has the robe on he leads her to the living room where some sort of wheelchair-like device is sitting.

"Please sit here. Our customers are totally pampered here, so we don't allow them to walk from one area to another."

She sits in the deeply padded wheelchair or whatever it is as Robert covers her legs with a silk sheet. As he works to secure the sheet Erica looks down at the robe. Just as she expected, the robe is translucent enough to show her exotic latina images sexy to anyone who passes movies adult porn latina

When Robert latin free movie links securing the sheet he comes behind the chair and presses three buttons on the handle bar. One is a motor that allows the chair latino music charts be moved easily and silently. The next one starts a gentle relaxing vibration that travels up and down her often-achy back. The last one causes heat to slowly spread in the back area of the seat.

"Ready to go?" Robert asks as he aims for the door.

Erica nods a nervous smile on her face. Robert pushes the chair into the hall, pauses to lock her room door, then turns right and walks Erica down the low0lit hall. Erica looks around as she is shuttled to the steamroom. Expensive looking portraits adorn the hallway's cherry oak walls. Each lamp is fashioned in an old design.

Another woman turns the corner ahead of them, another young man pushing her chair. This woman was also wearing latino sex on the streets see-through robe. Erica couldn't help but to stare at the woman's body. Large tits with huge areolas and a bulging stomach tell her latina lesbians nude this woman too is pregnant. As they pass by the other woman, Erica looks up at Robert and asks a question.

"This is what we jokingly call the Pregnancy Ward floor. Everyone on this floor is at least six months pregnant. And don't worry. We have four doctors on call at all times and four others that we can have here within minutes."

Rounding the corner, they stop next to the elevators with another customer and her spa tech. This woman is an ebony beauty whose onyx skin is flawlessly presented by the standard robe. Her stomach does not look very big, but this may be due to the fact that her breasts are huge. The front of the robe is naked latina models (at) tied together because her breasts won't allow for it. They are easily FF or larger. And the fact that they do not sag under the weight, indeed they point straight ahead from her chest, makes them seem unreal.

When Erica looks up she realizes the woman has caught her ogling her massive mounds.

"I'm sorry..." Erica begins as she feels her face flush crimson.

"Don't latino sex adult, xxx about it, Love," the woman replies in a light British accent. "It's an every-day occurrence. In fact, just before I checked into her, a man paid me 1000 dollars just to suck on my nipples. American guys are so friendly when they see me, other than my British homeland, where they call me a freak right in the bloody streets."

"I can see why..."

When the woman's eyes widen in alarm Erica quickly finishes her thoughts.

"...American men being friendly, that is."

The woman thinks about this a moment before breaking into a smile. Even pregnant, the woman has an amazing supermodel look to her features. She extends a hand to Erica.

"Nicky. Nicky McAllister."

"Erica Juarez."

The women talk briefly as the elevator lifts them higher in the building. At the sixth floor, Nicky is about to be wheeled out. Before the doors pics of latinos she gives Erica her room number, telling her to "visit me for a spot, eh Love?", before the doors shut and they continue free nocreditcard pictures of nude latina girls their trip upwards. On the ninth floor, Erica is wheeled to the steamroom. Robert helps her stand and opens the door for her while instructing her on what to do.

"You are scheduled for a steambath for twenty minutes, then a mudbath, a shower followed by a milkbath with eucalyptus leaves, then a wax job, finally finishing up with a spice oil rubdown massage before we return you to your room for a brief nap, followed by a dinner buffet and leisure time before your final return to your room, where we will allow you to..."pick your poison", so to speak."

As Erica enters the room she latino pictures naked just make out other women latina tgp the thick steam. She slowly removes her robe, hangs it on a plastic hook, and tries to locate a shower head. When she finds one Erica sits in front of nude latin teens and presses a green button playboy latina it. She is immediately enveloped in a forcefully warm "shower" of steam that nearly puts her to sleep. She leans back, letting the steam flow through her thick hair and massage her latina porn latin nude face, and body with invisible warm hands. For the next half-hour she relaxes under the pleasurable swirl of steam. Her body is covered in lusty latinas veil of sweat that causes her dark skin to glisten in the dim lighting.

All too soon, though, latina sex movie tech comes into the room and brings her back to reality.

"Sorry I'm late, but you teen lesbian latina to latin porno enjoy this."

The woman smiles lazily as she rises unsteadily to her feet. latin pussy the pornos she begins to fall back Robert easily slips his arm around her brushing latin nude movies hard nipple in the process and keeps her from hurting herself. As soon as they leave the steamroom Robert slips the small robe back over her shoulders and wheels her to another room. Here, he gently lifts the woman from the chair and disrobes her again.

Erica, still slightly groggy, looks around confused before remembering her schedule.

"Mudbath?" she asks.

"Uh-huh. The ingredients aren't simply dirt and water, but don't ask me latin pornstar small tit explain cause I'm a bit lost on it myself. Suffice to say this is one of our more popular stand-alone treatments. The mud is heated to 90 degrees, so it will feel like a warm wet latina girls in panties blanket. The tub has a vibration machine, so don't be alarmed by latin bitches vibration you may feel.

With that, Erica is lowered into the reddish mud. She immediately feels the mud soothing her body like the steam shower, only 100-times more intensely. Within minutes, Erica is sound asleep.


Erica, with great difficulty, opens her eyes to find Robert smiling over her.

"Enjoy?" he says as he takes her hand and gently pulls her to her feet.

"Amazing,"Erica replies dreamily.
latino and pussy is taken to the shower area to rinse the mud from her white latina As the mud slides from her body Erica strokes her smooth pussy absently, feeling how the first two treatments have softened her skin and have made her clit pop free latina porn mpegs underneath latinas herrera lorena hood. When Robert suddenly appears Erica stops, though reluctantly.

Robert isn't fazed at latino fucking hardcore porn Some of the women he had looked after had come on to him after just one step in the treatment, so this wasn't very unusual. Hell, some women old enough to be his mother had given him blowjobs as soon as he introduced himself.

"Are you latin free pictures for your next treatment?"

Erica nods, not really thinking of what her next treatment will be, but rather when she can get a moment alone with the young stud.

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